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8th December 2014

Birmingham Goes Live - 2014-15


Views: 392

Released: Monday 8th December 2014


Suna Yokes and Maeve Scally are joined by Robert Blowers and Joe McDowell for a fun Christmas Special of Birmingham Goes Live!

Cast and Crew


Gabriele Stravinskaite

Ugne Brazinskaite

Hattie Jordan


Matthew Lavender

Technical Supervisors:

Annabel Lawton Smith

Rob Sumner


Maeve Scally

Suna Yokes

Script Supervisor:

Holly Bennett

Vision Mixer:

Robyn Evans


Robert Blowers

Floor Manager:

Tom Harvey

Graphics Operator:

Gabriele Stravinskaite

Sound Supervisors:

Clare Mitchell

Julian Waller

VT Operator:

Zoe Coupland

Technical Engineers:

Annabel Lawton Smith

Julian Waller

Rob Sumner

Stream Engineer:

Julian Waller

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