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Freshers 2016

Birmingham Goes Live - 2016-17


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Released: Wednesday 12th October 2016


Birmingham Goes Live - Freshers 2016

Birmingham Goes Live's first show of the year! Tune in to hear interviews from Guild Drama's Dominic Ryder and a fresher to hear how they think Freshers went. Don't forget to stay until the end for our live musical number from the WeatherVanes.

Camera Operator: Lucy Eldridge, Nefelie Kalavrezou, Jack Richardson

Floor Manager: Sam Sharrocks

Graphics Operator: Ruth Sherry

Sound Operator: Erin Santillo

Technical Supervisor: Iustin Sandu

VT Operator: Chelsea-Peach Digby

Vision Mixer: Charlotte Haigh

Director: Annabel Lawton- Smith

Producers: Chelsea-Peach Digby, Ruth Simone Sherry, Sam Sharrocks, Gemma Dunnell .

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