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"Our Voices" Exhibition


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Released: Friday 27th November 2015


Entitled Nuestra Voz (Our Voices), the exhibition depicts 16 photographs highlighting issues such as ending poverty, education, empowerment, climate change and peace and security.

It is part of a project by Otra Cosa Network (OCN), a UK charity and international not-for-profit organisation based in Peru. The project aims to amplify the voices of youths and to empower them to share their photographic experiences. The young people involved were trained by social enterprise FairMail, which gives them the opportunity to develop new skills and earn money through their work which can help pay for education.

Juan Murphy, Co-Director of OCN, said: “The Nuestra Voz exhibition aims to raise awareness of the UN's sustainable development goals, whilst also connecting members of the different communities in the UK with people living in Peru.”

“I enjoyed some special moments with the nine photographers during this project over the summer; their task was to portray their world and their living conditions, displaying how they overcome everyday issues that we might describe as poverty. Impressive encounters and scenes from a rubbish dump, sad realities and colourful photos are amongst those shared to record the feelings and voices of the young Peruvian photographers.