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Shots fired


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Released: Monday 30th November 2015


Jason wakes up with no idea where he is or who he's supposed to be. Can he figure out the enigma before it's too late?

A Guild TV Short Film production

Jason Timmington - Jason
Shun Sakuragi - The assailant
Natalia Alyukova - The girl
Dominic Ryder - Security guard 1
Rosie Kelby - Security guard 2

Production Team:
Lily Richards
Rosie Kelby
Chelsea Digby
Isabelle Boni
Shun Sakuragi
Jamie Laister-Smith

With special thanks to Matthew Lavender for setting the challenge.

Cast and Crew


Lily Richards


Jason Timmington

Camera Operator:

Rosamund Kelby

Executive Producer:

Lily Richards