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Watch This presents - Juarassic Park the 48 Hour!


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Released: Tuesday 25th November 2014


With only 48 hours to rehearse, and a lifetime on YouTube, will 'Watch This' pull off the performance of the year?

Steven Speilberg's epic dino-thriller, 1993's 'Jurassic Park'. Packed full of jokes, small shorts and dubious dinosaurs, this cardboard extravaganza will ensure to crack a smile.

Set on a small island in Costa Rica, a group of archaeologists, other professionals and children must fight to survive a dinosaur uprising. Sort of. You all know what happens anyway.

Guild TV Crew:

Producers: Ugne Brazinskaite and Robert Blowers
Crew: Becky Finley, Matt Lavender and Holly Bennett

Edited by Ugne Brazinskaite